Humility and Self-Confidence


Since deciding that I’ve been out of practice for so long and to put myself through the paces with Christopher Penczak’s Temple of Witchcraft book series, I have made myself somewhat of a study plan in the form of an Excel sheet, on which I have put tabs for reading chapters, tabs for doing exercises, dates that I have started and completed the reading and the exercises, and whether things are completed or not.

I’m now realizing that I should have set days of the week to study and work and dates by which assignments should be done, but since I’m still trying to find my footing, I’ll be going by the suggested requirement from the books that I should be working through a chapter every three weeks, with dates adjusted each time I finish reading and working through a chapter.

That said, I hit a pretty weird snag, for me, at the very least.

I just finished reading Chapter 4, which ends with an Intention Ritual, where you write your intention of study on a slip of paper, roll that paper up and tie it up into a scroll to be used in your Initiation at the end of the book. The book states a piece of black thread should be used to tie the scroll.

I have no idea where my sewing box is, at the moment. So my black thread is likely buried somewhere in the second bedroom. Normally, I could run out to the store tomorrow to pick some black thread up, but… we’re in the middle of a pandemic and the less I go into stores, the better.

What do…

I took up crochet last summer. I have a lot of yarn in the house, but none of this yarn is black.

Then I remembered that black isn’t the only colour I associate with witchcraft. Green (for herbs and nature), red (for blood, passion and power), and to a lesser degree purple (because of its associations with spirituality) are three other colours I also associate with witchcraft. I have green and purple yarn and might just twist them together to form one string to tie the scroll up with.

Problem solved.

Yes, when I decided to put myself through the training that is outlined in the books, I planned to follow the lesson plan to the letter, even if I was probably going to zip right through some sections, due to over 20 years of experience and studying, even though I have slacked off on actual hands-on practicing in the last 8. But at the same time, keeping myself from advancing just because of a small setback like this is silly, when I have the knowledge and experience to substitute elements from a ritual or spell would be discounting 22 years of experience, studies and practice.

Yarn photo – By skeeze –, CC0,

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