I really need to get to it and start the meditation chapter in Inner Temple. I’ve never been big on meditation, even during my years actually in a coven, at least on my own. I prefer guided meditations where someone is actually talking. I know there is the option of purchasing the companion CDs, but I don’t currently have a CD player, and you can’t purchase it as audio files anywhere that I can see.

I also don’t mind chanting meditation, but this isn’t what I am supposed to work on, with the book, quite yet.

That said, this is what is preventing me from moving forward, and I really need to get to it. I might pick up the book today and continue with my studies, after work, since I usually have one hour where I have to occupy myself until The Meadmaster is done with work, and I could use that time to meditate. It’s also finally cooler, after the latest heat wave, so it’ll be easier to focus.

I really want to advance in this work, it’s important to me, but I have promised myself not to skip chapters or sections, so… meditation it is! Whether I enjoy it or not.

But I would rather chant.

My mala beads, made by Arkia Mala, on Etsy.

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