What The Hel Is Going On?

In the last few days, I have seen a lot of prominent members of the magical community either comment, or being alarmed by a trend on WitchTok where witchlets/dabblers have been hexing things they shouldn’t be hexing (the Fae, the Moon, the Sun), claiming the gods fear them (um, no… just no) or having « intercourse » with celibate goddesses. It’s not necessarily all of the above by the same people, but there seems to be a lot of disrespect happening either way.

I’m not alarmed or concerned. At best, nothing happens. At worst, their lives with go to complete shit. I think the likeliest scenario, aside from nothing happening, is going to be that they’re in for a very rude awakening. And they’ll either learn some damn respect, or be scared out of practicing magic altogether.

I have over two decades of studies and practice under my belt, and, aside from wannabe chaos magicians who don’t know what they are doing, I have rarely seen such bullshit in all those years.

That said, I will refuse to clean up any messes relating to this. They got themselves into these messes, they can get themselves out. Good luck.

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